Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey there! So... summer has come and gone, and I neglected all of you the whole time. If it makes you feel any better, I have actually been busy! Living a life worth blogging about...even though I blogged NOTHING! Gasp. As I was mentally outlining this post I started getting mad at myself for not blogging at least a little bit, because really, they deserve their own individual detailed posts. Oh well! Here is my summer in a nut shell - accompanied with pictures.

My little sister had a fun performing job at Six Flags Great America, I went to see her perform many times! 

The P.C. way to say it is, my sister was "friends" with Lola Bunny, but really she was Lola Bunny. Shhh, I didn't tell you that. Above is my dad and I dancing with Lola on Fathers Day.

I also took my sister and her best friend to audition for American Idol in Milwaukee. Ryan Secrest and Danny Goeky made an appearance. After a 12 hour day, neither of them made it, but we all had a great time. They both sounded fantastic! I think I was more nervous than them. Haha.

My best friend hosted a craft night every week, I went to a lot of those! :)

I went a Brewers game with one of my best friends.

I walked (and danced) with the Undead.

I went to my family cottage and drove a boat.

I did a lot of fun things with this handsome boy! (My best friends son) He calls me "Auntie Madelyn".

And I ended it all with a trip to New York. It was an amazing summer and I am so glad I took the time to enjoy it. I promise to get back to my regular scheduled blogging. If you do want me to expand on anything mentioned here, I will! Time to adjust to the coming Fall.

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