Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What? Que?

Something I love about America, we are a melting pot full of diversity and culture. I even went to a University that was "known" for their diversity! With that being said I don't think I ever really experienced the kind of culture that is really out there. I now live in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somalian population. My workplace has 12 different languages represented and 10 different countries. Luckily for me, everyone knows English along with their home language. I have actually even been taught some phrases in other languages! I can now say "hi, how are you" in English, Spanish, French, Somali, Swahili, and Asanti. Neat right?

Anyways, I have become friends with a girl who was born in Puerto Rico and I occasionally get together with her to go shopping and what not. Well, Saturday we went shopping and she brought her cousin with. He had just moved here from Puerto Rico and has not totally learned English yet. Back home, on my dead end road everyone spoke English, I guess I always just assumed I wouldn't have a problem communicating with people, you know, having a degree in Communication and all. Well, boy was I wrong! I even took two years of Spanish in high school, but I don't remember enough to hold on a conversation. Now I do believe that if you choose to live in a different country other than your own you should learn the home language, but it wouldn't hurt Americans to learn more than one language too. Most countries everyone speaks at least two languages anyways!

This was just another experience to live and learn by. Do you think if I watch TV with Spanish subtitles it would help? Haha. I think it is time I go and refresh my Spanish. Adios!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Water, water, everywhere!

Even though the rain was outside it was pretty damp in my apartment.

I had an extreme flooding issue. I was sitting in my living room and I suddenly hear water spilling, I looked in my kitchen and water was flooding my kitchen floor. I was in shock! I wasn't sure what I should do...or should I say do first.

I immediately ran to my closet and grabbed towels and threw them in the puddles trying to prevent the water from spreading and since I will still in my bathrobe I changed into some clothes in a rush and called my landlord. There was no answer so I left a panicked/confused/ helpless voicemail. Next I wasn't sure if I should run to my landlords door or upstairs to tell the people to stop running water, I just knew I couldn't stand there and do nothing. Luckily as I was leaving my apartment to get help I ran into my landlord who was rushing to my aid. We spent the next hour cleaning up with mass amounts of towels and then it was a waiting game for the plumber. Turns out the people above me had just finished doing their dishes and I got their dirty dishwater in my kitchen...ew.

The plumber showed up a couple hours later. He was a little old man with tools. I really do not enjoy having people in my apartment because it is a studio apartment, meaning you can see everything with one look around. I like privacy, and I wasn't expecting guests so my bed wasn't made! haha I am sure my fish enjoyed seeing new people.

The plumber was quite a character. You could see him struggle as he got to his knees to look under my sink, I wonder how long he will be able to remain in the plumbing business. He sure did have a lot to see and a lot of "advice" to give me. To begin, he said I was sheltered because I didn't know there was a reset button on the in-sink-irater and that mom "mom should have taught me this stuff". He then said I should have a man to do this stuff for me and it is time to find mister right because I "aint gettin' any younger". Then told me to go to all those young people places and have fun and meet men. Really?? Like I need another person to tell me to get married...I am only 22!

It is my first apartment, I guess it is only appropriate that I have one disaster, let's just hope that this is the last of it! It was just another day of me learning one day at a time. Life after college, who would have thought?!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

you could call this an introduction.


My name is Madelyn. I live in Bloomington, MN. I am 22 years old. The rest will come with time.

An explanation...

I have made this blog because I have decided the things I am experiencing in life right now are interesting, to say the least. I am at an in between point in my life with little direction and I have a feeling I am not the only one in this predicament.

And elaboration...

I graduated from college 5 months ago. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in English and a certificate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. What I have come to realize is, what does all of that add up to? My answer, I have no idea. Luckily, I do have a job. I work in a medical device company doing nothing that involves my degree.

I moved to MN from WI for this job, and I have had a back and forth internal conflict about whether to stay here or go back home, the war of the head and heart. Head has won for now and I am staying.

I never saw the movie Post Grad but I wonder if it was anything like this.