Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What? Que?

Something I love about America, we are a melting pot full of diversity and culture. I even went to a University that was "known" for their diversity! With that being said I don't think I ever really experienced the kind of culture that is really out there. I now live in Minnesota, the state with the largest Somalian population. My workplace has 12 different languages represented and 10 different countries. Luckily for me, everyone knows English along with their home language. I have actually even been taught some phrases in other languages! I can now say "hi, how are you" in English, Spanish, French, Somali, Swahili, and Asanti. Neat right?

Anyways, I have become friends with a girl who was born in Puerto Rico and I occasionally get together with her to go shopping and what not. Well, Saturday we went shopping and she brought her cousin with. He had just moved here from Puerto Rico and has not totally learned English yet. Back home, on my dead end road everyone spoke English, I guess I always just assumed I wouldn't have a problem communicating with people, you know, having a degree in Communication and all. Well, boy was I wrong! I even took two years of Spanish in high school, but I don't remember enough to hold on a conversation. Now I do believe that if you choose to live in a different country other than your own you should learn the home language, but it wouldn't hurt Americans to learn more than one language too. Most countries everyone speaks at least two languages anyways!

This was just another experience to live and learn by. Do you think if I watch TV with Spanish subtitles it would help? Haha. I think it is time I go and refresh my Spanish. Adios!

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