Monday, November 2, 2009

Who needs friends? Me!

I have always been known as a "social butterfly" or as someone who "has no problems making friends" or whatever else people say and honestly I thought this was always true.

Now I might not have been totally wrong but I have come to find it is not as true as I thought. The reason I was able to make friends so easily is because I had an outlet to meet these people. No matter what you always had something in common with these people such as school or activities or whatever else. Now that I have moved to a place where I know NO ONE it has become more of a challenge.

I was told that I would have work as an outlet to meet people but everyone is quite a bit older than me or I don't mesh with them culturally (refer to last post). It really had me down the first couple of months here. I had never experienced an inability to make friends. The truth is I can be making friends but it takes more work and more vulnerability than I am used to.

This past weekend I forced myself to branch out a bit. I went out to a salsa night at a bar with a girl from work, but again I was faced with a language barrier, but it wasn't too bad. Sunday I took an even bigger step. I have begun spinning fiber into yarn and a local fiber shop has monthly get together's and last time I stopped in the store she told me I should check it out, and I did!

It was a great experience, very friendly people full of information. They are a bit older than me so maybe not friends I could go out to the bars or anything but still people to brainstorm with and whatnot, which I always appreciate. I feel like I took a step in the right direction and I can't wait to keep trying new things.

It's just one step at a time in the life after college.

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