Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kermit, you are an inspiration.

Oh the joys of working in a start up company!

It's a slow time in the medical device building business. With the slowness and the me not really having a title combined, I really have nothing to do at work. Siiigh. I was originally hired to do inventory management here but that somehow fell through, but they still kept me. So now I am the girl that learns every job and just waits for people to need her. There are pros and cons to this...

I LOVE learning new things, I try to absorb as much as possible, and honestly I sometimes like it to be slow so I can have time to write blogs like this one...I actually think all of my blogs so far were written while I was at work...wait not my flooding disaster one. lol Anyways, I also hate it because I am someone who likes to be busy. Time goes faster when I am busy and I feel more accomplished when I actually have stuff to do. And I really don't feel like my co workers take me as seriously as I would like them to. I have an education and I have dedication I just don't have an outlet right now. It is a waiting game I guess until the industry picks up. I should just be happy I have a job!

The reason I wanted to write this blog was I was trying to think of ways to be productive with my time at work and this is really all I could do with out obviously looking like I wasn't working. I would LOVE it if I could just sit here and spin but then the guys here would make fun of me even more (out of fun), or if I could crochet up some Christmas presents, or even read a book! But no, I have to surf the web which I like, but its gets REALLY boring after an hour or so.

I just wanted to express my frustration at work and my desires to be crafty and productive. I have about 2 more ounces of some awesome green BFL that needs to be spun up. It kind of reminds me of Dr. Seuss's the Grinch or Kermit the Frog, I am going to stick with Kermit because it is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary today!

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