Thursday, November 19, 2009

I hear my smoke alarm...

....that must mean my food is done cooking. Sigh.

This whole being an independent adult thing is all good and fun until it comes to the kitchen. For starters... I was never really taught to cook except on the occasional Thanksgiving, I can make some mean red cabbage, or in Home-EC classes in middle and high school. Second, this being the first time having my own kitchen I don't really have the supplies to cook. But since I don't know how to cook I don't even know what to have in my kitchen.

Then it comes to my motivation to cook... I really don't have any. I live by myself...why do I want to spend hours on a meal I will eat by myself in 30 min when I can throw some cheese and lettuce on a tortilla and call it a taco in minutes??

Occasionally, I will get the inspiration to cook real food and that is when I have to freak out and start fanning my smoke alarm while I open the window and screen door before my neighbors think the building is burning down.

Reason one and two to get married: Someone to cook for and/or to cook for me and I can get kitchen supplies as wedding gifts :) Juuuuust kidding.

Want to come over for dinner? I'm making tacos.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha! I saw your comment from amandas blog.
    you will be really lucky if you find a hubby that can cook.
    I suck at cooking, really. I look at a recipe and think, oh yeah I can pull that off. and it turns out to be a disater, then none of my family wants to eat it, blah!
    and my mil can cook, so Ihave a high bar as a wife to meet.
    Oh, and I just burned sauce yesterday too! and I have had the firemen come to my apt more than once for something burning on the stove!