Monday, November 23, 2009

Best seat in the house.

I am a movie buff. I like to rent movies, go to the movies, buy movies. Whatever, it all comes down to the fact that I enjoy movies. And I don't think the fact that I no longer have a movie companion in Minnesota that I should no longer enjoy a movie on its opening day.

I will admit, I was never very fond of the idea of going to a movie theatre by myself. When I first moved I tried to recruit a friend to see the newest Harry Potter on opening day with me (Yes, I am a nerd). My friend came and brought her niece, nephew, and brother with as well. I was so excited to have a movie buddy, that excitement faded shortly. None of my companions had seen the other movies or read the books and did not enjoy the movie and talked over it almost the whole time. (I guess they don't have a nerdy side.)

From this experience I decided if I wanted the full experience for a movie I would just go by myself. And I did that. I had to see District 9 because there was so much buzz about it. I managed to find someone else who went by them self and sat in the same area lol. I then saw Where The Wild Things Are on opening day. And just this last weekend I saw New Moon by myself. (as I said, I can be nerdy :))

I honestly, have no problem going to movies by myself, and I will continue to do it until I find someone with similar movie taste as me. At least I can sit in the best seat without having to worry about anyone else. I think I exude confidence when I go and that in itself is more motivation for me to keep going.

Tangent real quick while I mention confidence: I looked in the mirror the other day wearing an outfit some might feel is questionable and said "I can pull this off" for some reason that feels like the epitome of confidence.

Anyways, I am going to remain confident and watch movies. Now accepting movie recommendations :)

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