Monday, November 23, 2009

Best seat in the house.

I am a movie buff. I like to rent movies, go to the movies, buy movies. Whatever, it all comes down to the fact that I enjoy movies. And I don't think the fact that I no longer have a movie companion in Minnesota that I should no longer enjoy a movie on its opening day.

I will admit, I was never very fond of the idea of going to a movie theatre by myself. When I first moved I tried to recruit a friend to see the newest Harry Potter on opening day with me (Yes, I am a nerd). My friend came and brought her niece, nephew, and brother with as well. I was so excited to have a movie buddy, that excitement faded shortly. None of my companions had seen the other movies or read the books and did not enjoy the movie and talked over it almost the whole time. (I guess they don't have a nerdy side.)

From this experience I decided if I wanted the full experience for a movie I would just go by myself. And I did that. I had to see District 9 because there was so much buzz about it. I managed to find someone else who went by them self and sat in the same area lol. I then saw Where The Wild Things Are on opening day. And just this last weekend I saw New Moon by myself. (as I said, I can be nerdy :))

I honestly, have no problem going to movies by myself, and I will continue to do it until I find someone with similar movie taste as me. At least I can sit in the best seat without having to worry about anyone else. I think I exude confidence when I go and that in itself is more motivation for me to keep going.

Tangent real quick while I mention confidence: I looked in the mirror the other day wearing an outfit some might feel is questionable and said "I can pull this off" for some reason that feels like the epitome of confidence.

Anyways, I am going to remain confident and watch movies. Now accepting movie recommendations :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I hear my smoke alarm...

....that must mean my food is done cooking. Sigh.

This whole being an independent adult thing is all good and fun until it comes to the kitchen. For starters... I was never really taught to cook except on the occasional Thanksgiving, I can make some mean red cabbage, or in Home-EC classes in middle and high school. Second, this being the first time having my own kitchen I don't really have the supplies to cook. But since I don't know how to cook I don't even know what to have in my kitchen.

Then it comes to my motivation to cook... I really don't have any. I live by myself...why do I want to spend hours on a meal I will eat by myself in 30 min when I can throw some cheese and lettuce on a tortilla and call it a taco in minutes??

Occasionally, I will get the inspiration to cook real food and that is when I have to freak out and start fanning my smoke alarm while I open the window and screen door before my neighbors think the building is burning down.

Reason one and two to get married: Someone to cook for and/or to cook for me and I can get kitchen supplies as wedding gifts :) Juuuuust kidding.

Want to come over for dinner? I'm making tacos.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Home for the Holidays

It is November. That means the holidays (Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas, New Years) are RIGHT around the corner.

At age 12- 17 I always had mixed feelings about the holidays. I always love time with my family but when my parents divorced in 2000 there was extra emotions put into the family time. I now had to choose who I wanted to be with and no matter the choice one person always got the shorter end of the deal. So after that I really started to hate the holidays.

But then as I got older (18 - 21)I became more understanding of the situation as did my parents, but now there was a different pressure. Money. This time of the year became focused on spending money and hoping to find the perfect gift or receiving what you asked for, but what was really important was the time spent with the family, but that seems to get looked over with all the stress.

And now, as I am about to enter my 23rd year of life I have come upon a new problem but also an understanding. I live 350+ miles from my home. Now I don't have the convenience of just being there for the holidays. I have to wait to hear about my work schedule, I have to make sure I have a place to stay when I go back home (never really a problem but still something to think about), and it is not always guaranteed I will be home for them either. My birthday isn't a holiday but it has always been included because it is right after Thanksgiving. This is the first time I won't be able to see my family on my birthday. I guess that is part of growing up. Birthdays aren't special and it becomes just a number.

BUT, something I am looking forward to was an idea my mom proposed to her family. This year extra money for presents is hard to come by so we have decided that gifts should be home made or, if bought, not more than $10. She said that the important part is the time we spend together not what we get for each other. I love this and I already have a head start!

I am crocheting gifts for everyone this year! My goal is two things for each person and then for my mom, sister, and grandma I will actually buy them something extra. I still have a long way to go (I only have three things done) but I know what I am going to make for everyone and it should get done pretty quick. Something I had forgotten about, because I haven't done large amounts of crocheting in a long time, is the muscle I use constantly. I am not sure what the muscle is called but because of the motion of the hook I am feeling the crocheting in my arm! lol I will get used to it. I can't wait until after Christmas so I can post pictures!

I hope everyone remembers the importance of seeing your family because as you get older it becomes harder to see them. Appreciate them while you can.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kermit, you are an inspiration.

Oh the joys of working in a start up company!

It's a slow time in the medical device building business. With the slowness and the me not really having a title combined, I really have nothing to do at work. Siiigh. I was originally hired to do inventory management here but that somehow fell through, but they still kept me. So now I am the girl that learns every job and just waits for people to need her. There are pros and cons to this...

I LOVE learning new things, I try to absorb as much as possible, and honestly I sometimes like it to be slow so I can have time to write blogs like this one...I actually think all of my blogs so far were written while I was at work...wait not my flooding disaster one. lol Anyways, I also hate it because I am someone who likes to be busy. Time goes faster when I am busy and I feel more accomplished when I actually have stuff to do. And I really don't feel like my co workers take me as seriously as I would like them to. I have an education and I have dedication I just don't have an outlet right now. It is a waiting game I guess until the industry picks up. I should just be happy I have a job!

The reason I wanted to write this blog was I was trying to think of ways to be productive with my time at work and this is really all I could do with out obviously looking like I wasn't working. I would LOVE it if I could just sit here and spin but then the guys here would make fun of me even more (out of fun), or if I could crochet up some Christmas presents, or even read a book! But no, I have to surf the web which I like, but its gets REALLY boring after an hour or so.

I just wanted to express my frustration at work and my desires to be crafty and productive. I have about 2 more ounces of some awesome green BFL that needs to be spun up. It kind of reminds me of Dr. Seuss's the Grinch or Kermit the Frog, I am going to stick with Kermit because it is Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary today!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who needs friends? Me!

I have always been known as a "social butterfly" or as someone who "has no problems making friends" or whatever else people say and honestly I thought this was always true.

Now I might not have been totally wrong but I have come to find it is not as true as I thought. The reason I was able to make friends so easily is because I had an outlet to meet these people. No matter what you always had something in common with these people such as school or activities or whatever else. Now that I have moved to a place where I know NO ONE it has become more of a challenge.

I was told that I would have work as an outlet to meet people but everyone is quite a bit older than me or I don't mesh with them culturally (refer to last post). It really had me down the first couple of months here. I had never experienced an inability to make friends. The truth is I can be making friends but it takes more work and more vulnerability than I am used to.

This past weekend I forced myself to branch out a bit. I went out to a salsa night at a bar with a girl from work, but again I was faced with a language barrier, but it wasn't too bad. Sunday I took an even bigger step. I have begun spinning fiber into yarn and a local fiber shop has monthly get together's and last time I stopped in the store she told me I should check it out, and I did!

It was a great experience, very friendly people full of information. They are a bit older than me so maybe not friends I could go out to the bars or anything but still people to brainstorm with and whatnot, which I always appreciate. I feel like I took a step in the right direction and I can't wait to keep trying new things.

It's just one step at a time in the life after college.