Thursday, April 29, 2010

I can sleep anywhere.

You name it I have probably slept there: couches, chairs, floors, desks, bowling alley's, planes, trains, and automobiles.

My point is, I don't need to be comfortable to sleep. If I am tired, I make it work.

But let me tell you something... there is nothing like returning to your bed after a 2 week trip.

I love my pillows. I love my blankets. I love my bed.

Blog coming soon about my trip... I am SURE you all missed me :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zombie Zunday!

Grab your shot guns, baseball bats, and boards with nails... the zombie apocalypse is on the rise.

They are bloody.

They are in groups.

They want your BRAAAAINNNS!

They may look like the mom next door... but don't be fooled... they will eat your babies!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloggity Blog

Heeeeeey youuuuuu guuuuuuuuys..... (the Goonies anyone? eh?)

The blogging has thinned this week, and for that I am extremely sorry.

This has been a crazy-crazy week in the working world for me. And as you know, that is rare...I do most of my blogging at work meaning I obviously have the time.

But this week was different. I have been getting trained gradually that last two weeks in Accounts Payable and Quick Books and all that jazz (Chicago, anyone?) because our Accounts Payable gal is in ITALY! Jealous.

So I have been dealing with the bills, bills, bills (Destiny's Child? Eh?)

And today we have our annual audit with is stressful and time consuming in itself - but I have found time to write a quick blog!

I am excited because tomorrow evening I am leaving on a jet plane (Peter, Paul, and Mary). And heading HOME for a couple days and then you can meet me in St Louis (Eh? Eh?) for a couple days and then back here to the cities.

So you may be thinking be my blogging is slow now, but it can only get worse before it gets better. I will be back in full blogging swing by May at the latest.

ps. I don't know what came over me with all the music/movie references. Just enjoy it while you can :) You love it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thrifting Success! 4.10.10

Time for another thrifting review!! My mosaic doesn't look quite as nice this time...I need to work on my camera skills. Buuuut it is still exciting!! A few things pictured were bought previously and just not posted.

1. Woven brown shoes.
I have been looking for woven shoes for a while, these are perfect.
2. Samsonite long strap bag.
This was a steal! Perfect size for an airplane carry on or overnight bag. I will be using it this upcoming weekend when I fly home.
3. Vintage Egg holders.
These were too cute to pass up. You may have seen them already in this post.
4. More vintage TV trays.
These ones are smaller. I have different ideas for them...maybe another chalkboard for one :)
5. Vintage Heart Chair.
Originally from a Minneapolis Coffee Shop. This is my new desk chair.
6. Vintage Brown Clutch.
Lots of pockets on the inside. Wouldn't this look cute paired with the brown shoes?
7. Vintage Shoe Tote.
Love the pattern, I use it to hold my fabric scarps :)
8. Black Shoes.
I have been looking for Oxfords and this is the closest I have gotten so far, but I think they are super cute... I already have an outfit planned! haha
9. Samsonite Train Case.
Has the key included! I have a thing for Samsonite, okay? So sue me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you ever get to the point where just being in the general vicinity of someone is annoying. They may not being doing anything, but everything they do makes you want to bring fist to face?

I am about there with my work place...and all of my superiors and co-workers and everyone else, excluding maybe 3 people.

My biggest pet peeve is being able to hear someone chew/swallow/slurp/crunch/whatever. They are incapable of having eating manners - and they are ALWAYS eating. My parents taught me how to have table manners...what did their parents teach them? The only sound I want to here come from your mouth is talking...if you are lucky.

I don't want to here their jokes/whistles/songs/hockey games on the computer/nothing.

I think my tolerance is all used up.

I keep getting this urge to hit my head against the wall, repeatedly.

Oh well, the weekend is almost here. Two days to recoup and then feel the same way next Thursday...or Wednesday... or Monday.

Thank you for the rant. No heads/hands/faces/or computers were harmed in the writing of this blog.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocks Rock.

This is my last Easter related post, and by Easter related I mean- this is what I did during my Easter weekend but has actually nothing to do with Easter.

My sister was planning a "spontaneous" hiking trip. She planned it but no know else knew about it. I love doing spontaneous things but I am a planner, especially when it comes to packing. I did not pack tennis shoes. I had ballet flats and heels. This was a dilemma because I'm broke/cheap. I have appropriate shoes in my closet, but they were not in my suitcase and I didn't want to buy a new pair of shoes when I didn't NEED them. Then my mind drifted to thrifting (as usual) and I remembered there was a thrift store in the town with a good selection of shoes, so I hopped in the car and 10 min later I had a pair of sneakers for $1.50. Success!
And we were on our way!

Going up was a tougher task than going down, not just because of the natural force of gravity, but because we had to deal with a lot of rocks and steep inclines and whatever else.
But to our surprise going down was just a gravel road - still steep, but easier. We were much happier that we went the way we did. We may have been disappointed if we started out with a gravel road but we were thankful for it by the time we started our decent.

The best part was the view. Every time we got to a clearing we had to stop and check it out. Even though we were getting tired we continued to go out of our way, climb those extra rocks just to see the beautiful view.
We all enjoyed our selves so much, we plan on doing this again - maybe a new trail. I am not in any of the pictures as I was behind the camera, but I am anxious to see the pictures my sister took. If there are any good ones I will be sure to share!
Alright, I am done with my Easter posts, I would love to hear about your Easter weekends!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The obligatory Easter egg post.

I saw a blog with a Rubber Cement trick for dying eggs - I can't find it now to link for credit, but if you know the blog I am talking about (bold colors and rubber cement is really all I remember) please share the link!

Anyway, once I saw it I knew I had to do it. As I mentioned in yesterday's post I went to my dads house and while he was gone picking up my sister I recruited his gf to dye eggs with me, of course we reluctently and impatiently saved some for my sister and dad. We canvased the small town for last minute supplies and got to work. Below is how it went... told with some not so perfect pictures.

Doesn't that look exciting?? I loved it. We all had a blast and tried different things: mixing colors, using the crayon, the rubber cement, we got a little silly and starting dying eggs to look like each other. The one my sister made of me sadly broke it's noggin' but you can see the one I made of my sister. She is 16 so I gave her egg the swoosh, peace sign, and awkward smirk. Nothing artistic, but we had tooooo many laughs :) Below are some of my favorites.

We started out with 2 dozen eggs but between my sister being hungry and the dog being hungry and a few cracked ones, our final stash looked a little small. Haha I hadn't dyed eggs in years, this was a ton of fun.

At least one more post coming this week about my Easter weekend. I hope everyone's Monday went well!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I had a fun filled Easter weekend in central Wisconsin. My dad lives half way between where I live and where my mom lives so I did Easter there, and my sister came too! There will be more detailed blogs coming throughout the week. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

There is nothing like flying a kite to say Spring is here, even if they are the plastic superhero ones from the Family Dollar.