Monday, April 5, 2010

The obligatory Easter egg post.

I saw a blog with a Rubber Cement trick for dying eggs - I can't find it now to link for credit, but if you know the blog I am talking about (bold colors and rubber cement is really all I remember) please share the link!

Anyway, once I saw it I knew I had to do it. As I mentioned in yesterday's post I went to my dads house and while he was gone picking up my sister I recruited his gf to dye eggs with me, of course we reluctently and impatiently saved some for my sister and dad. We canvased the small town for last minute supplies and got to work. Below is how it went... told with some not so perfect pictures.

Doesn't that look exciting?? I loved it. We all had a blast and tried different things: mixing colors, using the crayon, the rubber cement, we got a little silly and starting dying eggs to look like each other. The one my sister made of me sadly broke it's noggin' but you can see the one I made of my sister. She is 16 so I gave her egg the swoosh, peace sign, and awkward smirk. Nothing artistic, but we had tooooo many laughs :) Below are some of my favorites.

We started out with 2 dozen eggs but between my sister being hungry and the dog being hungry and a few cracked ones, our final stash looked a little small. Haha I hadn't dyed eggs in years, this was a ton of fun.

At least one more post coming this week about my Easter weekend. I hope everyone's Monday went well!

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