Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocks Rock.

This is my last Easter related post, and by Easter related I mean- this is what I did during my Easter weekend but has actually nothing to do with Easter.

My sister was planning a "spontaneous" hiking trip. She planned it but no know else knew about it. I love doing spontaneous things but I am a planner, especially when it comes to packing. I did not pack tennis shoes. I had ballet flats and heels. This was a dilemma because I'm broke/cheap. I have appropriate shoes in my closet, but they were not in my suitcase and I didn't want to buy a new pair of shoes when I didn't NEED them. Then my mind drifted to thrifting (as usual) and I remembered there was a thrift store in the town with a good selection of shoes, so I hopped in the car and 10 min later I had a pair of sneakers for $1.50. Success!
And we were on our way!

Going up was a tougher task than going down, not just because of the natural force of gravity, but because we had to deal with a lot of rocks and steep inclines and whatever else.
But to our surprise going down was just a gravel road - still steep, but easier. We were much happier that we went the way we did. We may have been disappointed if we started out with a gravel road but we were thankful for it by the time we started our decent.

The best part was the view. Every time we got to a clearing we had to stop and check it out. Even though we were getting tired we continued to go out of our way, climb those extra rocks just to see the beautiful view.
We all enjoyed our selves so much, we plan on doing this again - maybe a new trail. I am not in any of the pictures as I was behind the camera, but I am anxious to see the pictures my sister took. If there are any good ones I will be sure to share!
Alright, I am done with my Easter posts, I would love to hear about your Easter weekends!

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  1. I am impressed with your "hiking". I was camping, I could have hiked but chose to nap in the tent all day instead. Enjoy living much longer than I will.
    Pretty View,