Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thrifting Success! 4.10.10

Time for another thrifting review!! My mosaic doesn't look quite as nice this time...I need to work on my camera skills. Buuuut it is still exciting!! A few things pictured were bought previously and just not posted.

1. Woven brown shoes.
I have been looking for woven shoes for a while, these are perfect.
2. Samsonite long strap bag.
This was a steal! Perfect size for an airplane carry on or overnight bag. I will be using it this upcoming weekend when I fly home.
3. Vintage Egg holders.
These were too cute to pass up. You may have seen them already in this post.
4. More vintage TV trays.
These ones are smaller. I have different ideas for them...maybe another chalkboard for one :)
5. Vintage Heart Chair.
Originally from a Minneapolis Coffee Shop. This is my new desk chair.
6. Vintage Brown Clutch.
Lots of pockets on the inside. Wouldn't this look cute paired with the brown shoes?
7. Vintage Shoe Tote.
Love the pattern, I use it to hold my fabric scarps :)
8. Black Shoes.
I have been looking for Oxfords and this is the closest I have gotten so far, but I think they are super cute... I already have an outfit planned! haha
9. Samsonite Train Case.
Has the key included! I have a thing for Samsonite, okay? So sue me.


  1. Wow, the brown shoes are awsome!! Nice finds. Is the Samsonite thing a remembrance from Grandma-grandma's luggage? When ever I see that vintage Samsonite, I think of her. Do they decoupage well?

  2. Great finds, I too love those train cases, I've been scoping out my thrift store looking for one.