Thursday, April 8, 2010


Do you ever get to the point where just being in the general vicinity of someone is annoying. They may not being doing anything, but everything they do makes you want to bring fist to face?

I am about there with my work place...and all of my superiors and co-workers and everyone else, excluding maybe 3 people.

My biggest pet peeve is being able to hear someone chew/swallow/slurp/crunch/whatever. They are incapable of having eating manners - and they are ALWAYS eating. My parents taught me how to have table manners...what did their parents teach them? The only sound I want to here come from your mouth is talking...if you are lucky.

I don't want to here their jokes/whistles/songs/hockey games on the computer/nothing.

I think my tolerance is all used up.

I keep getting this urge to hit my head against the wall, repeatedly.

Oh well, the weekend is almost here. Two days to recoup and then feel the same way next Thursday...or Wednesday... or Monday.

Thank you for the rant. No heads/hands/faces/or computers were harmed in the writing of this blog.


  1. Dude, I take phone calls ALL. DAY. LONG. With the ringing and the talking and the impossible questions. I estimate that half of the callers are eating/drinking while on the phone with me.

    I cannot stand mouth noises; chewing, slurping, crunching, sipping, swallowing, and, God help me, LICKING, make me want to stab things.

    I feel your pain is what I'm saying.

    And I wouldn't blame you if you kicked your trashcan when you got really fed up. I do it all the time.

  2. yeah, focus on the weekend coming!!

    If you try the basket tutorial, pay attention to your seams when doing the patchwork! If you dont sew exactly 1/4 seams, your corners wont match up. But you could totally just go for ir, and if they dont line up all perfectly, well oh well. who's lookin?

  3. I feel that way all the time-that is why I don't leave the house.