Friday, October 23, 2009

Water, water, everywhere!

Even though the rain was outside it was pretty damp in my apartment.

I had an extreme flooding issue. I was sitting in my living room and I suddenly hear water spilling, I looked in my kitchen and water was flooding my kitchen floor. I was in shock! I wasn't sure what I should do...or should I say do first.

I immediately ran to my closet and grabbed towels and threw them in the puddles trying to prevent the water from spreading and since I will still in my bathrobe I changed into some clothes in a rush and called my landlord. There was no answer so I left a panicked/confused/ helpless voicemail. Next I wasn't sure if I should run to my landlords door or upstairs to tell the people to stop running water, I just knew I couldn't stand there and do nothing. Luckily as I was leaving my apartment to get help I ran into my landlord who was rushing to my aid. We spent the next hour cleaning up with mass amounts of towels and then it was a waiting game for the plumber. Turns out the people above me had just finished doing their dishes and I got their dirty dishwater in my kitchen...ew.

The plumber showed up a couple hours later. He was a little old man with tools. I really do not enjoy having people in my apartment because it is a studio apartment, meaning you can see everything with one look around. I like privacy, and I wasn't expecting guests so my bed wasn't made! haha I am sure my fish enjoyed seeing new people.

The plumber was quite a character. You could see him struggle as he got to his knees to look under my sink, I wonder how long he will be able to remain in the plumbing business. He sure did have a lot to see and a lot of "advice" to give me. To begin, he said I was sheltered because I didn't know there was a reset button on the in-sink-irater and that mom "mom should have taught me this stuff". He then said I should have a man to do this stuff for me and it is time to find mister right because I "aint gettin' any younger". Then told me to go to all those young people places and have fun and meet men. Really?? Like I need another person to tell me to get married...I am only 22!

It is my first apartment, I guess it is only appropriate that I have one disaster, let's just hope that this is the last of it! It was just another day of me learning one day at a time. Life after college, who would have thought?!

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