Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etsy Mail

That is a terrible picture of all of my recent Etsy purchases, but that won't stifle my excitement for them! And it just so happened that the battery on my camera died the day I got these and of course I lost my charger. But no worries, I have a new charger! Now I'm going to break it down for you.
These prints are awesome. I bought them at buttercreamindustry. I featured their human heart on an earlier blog, and I caved in and bought it! I also bough the blue print with the mammoth skeleton. Each print came with a second of the same so I can give one to a friend. Then I got my packages and they threw in all those extra prints! Some of them have a postcard layout on the back and I even got a couple stickers! It was a sweet surprise! Now I am on a mission to find frames and paint them awesome colors.
This is Beatrix. I LOVE her! I found her at DeadPanAlley and I am looking forward to a new animal-human morph to be created by her. I hear there may be one in the works! (fingers crossed). AND the artist includes an original drawing (not a print!) with every shipment! That cute little owl was my extra drawing. I love the pair of them.
This is a terrible picture of the ring I bought from ashleyjewlery. This just doesn't do it justice! It is the perfect ring and it had the perfect fit and I am going to buy a matching set of earrings, I can't wait. The best part is, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, she has been donating 50% of all her sales to Doctors Without Boarders for Haitian Realief. Amazing!
Lastly, I bought some soap from MadHatterSoap. I have been eying this soap for a long time. I spent a day reading descriptions and deciding which ones I wanted to try in the sample pack. Once I made my decisions I was ready to buy and then they went on vacation for a month! So I waited and waited and they finally came back! I swooped in and picked the ones pictured.
You may have noticed one is missing....I waited as long as I could!! I am stocking up on this scent, Pompadour...yum! Soap, lotion, whatever! I want it all. It is so fancy! Or at least it makes me feel fancy, it is like an indulgence for me. I want more! I just can't get enough.

Now it is just a waiting game until I will allow myself to splurge again. I am thinking the end of February until my next Etsy spree.


  1. UUUUGGGGGHHHH Second time I totally posted something and it didn't show up!
    Anyways I like your mail porn :)

  2. You are such a darling. I'm so glad you are enjoying Beatrix, and I hope "The Oracle" makes it through...I think she'd be the perfect stern companion to Beatrix's naughty nature. :)