Friday, February 5, 2010

Thrifting finds 2.5.10

Found some awesome things today! I decided I would list them this time.

-3 industrial wire organizers. I have been eying them on Etsy for awhile, these were much cheaper and will look cute on my book shelf.
-AMAZING book ends. Hippo and a Rhino I think. They have a South American feel to them. EDIT: Not a Rhino... it is an Elephant!! My fave!
-2 yards of mustard yellow fabric.-a bunch of wooden hoops for awesome wall decor things.
-a print of a bunch of creepy Victorian school girls.
-Book. The Dark Room. Takes place in Germany following World War II. My weakness when it comes to books.
-Awesome teal bag that will be perfect for spring/summer. I can't wait to use it. I may have to whip it out before the snow is gone.
-And a bunch of crafty stuff (elastic, thread, fabric paint)

Love love love it all.


  1. awesome embroidery? :) you should check out urbanthreads, they have some really cool crafty/stitchy embroidery patterns!
    I love those wire organizers too!

  2. omg...I loove the book ends. so cool!

  3. Very fun finds - elephants are always, always my favourite!