Monday, February 1, 2010

10 things I am never without.

You will always find these things in my purse at any given time. (Cellphone and wallet go without saying)

1. A hair tie. You know I mean business when I put my hair up.

2. A book. You never know when you will end up in a waiting room, or lobby and you will need the distraction. If I walk into a waiting room and see one person reading and another texting I am going to have higher regards for the person with a book.

3. Aleve. This is my best fix for a sudden headache when there is still work to be done.

4. A pen. I always need a pen when there isn't one in my purse.

5. Chap stick (No color). MN weather does harsh things to your lips!

6. Lotion. MN weather does harsh things to your skin! :)

7. Anti-Bac Hand Sanitizer. I like to use this after browsing through a thrift store.

8. Camera. Perfect when you see an outfit you like that you would want to re-create or just something really pretty. I have caught myself taking pictures of the Minneapolis skyline when the sun hits the buildings a certain way. I sometimes feel like I am driving towards Emerald City when I see the green reflections.

9. 2 bobby pins. Whether it is for your hair or your Macgyver moment (they make great zipper pulls)

10. A small notebook. To write down your sudden bursts of genius!

Warning: I have an obsession with large purses. I think it stems from my early childhood obsession with Mary Poppins. Remember when she is pulling everything out of her bag, including a lamp? This magnitude of items is not suitable for everyone.

What do you always have in your bag or pockets?


  1. (1) Knitting, usually a sock-in-progress.
    (2) Chapstick and lotion (that MN weather!).
    (3) Kleenex. Frozen snot melts when you go inside. Kleenex are a must.
    (4) A safety pin.
    (5) Iphone and earbuds.
    (6) Random detritus - napkins, receipts, a bit of chocolate, jewelry I got tired of wearing and tucked into my bag, my bra (sometimes I get tired of wearing that too).

    I carry a huge purse as well. I like having my stuff nearby.

  2. Some day, when you don't live there anymore, that Minneapolis skyline will be what you remember of that time in your life.

    I agree with Buster - a safety pin is a must!

  3. Love, love that you included Mary Poppins in this! Perhaps she`s to blame for the big purse trend and all our sore backs!

    - and you`re right, bobby pins save the day every time! ;)