Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't tell me the lights are shining any place but there

As you know, I went to St, Louis last week. I chaperoned my sister's high school choir trip. I was looking forward to the vacation, but not the whole being surrounded by high schoolers thing. It was about a 5 hour bus ride. You would think a bunch of kids that have to get on a bus at 5 am would sleep the whole ride...not these kids. They sang the WHOLE ride. I should have expected that, after all it was a CHOIR trip.

Day One: We arrived 2 hours early so everyone broke into groups and explored. My group just walked and explored around the city and we found a local art gallery.

After exploring we all had to meet up to see the top of the arch. We were 630 ft up. It was a beautiful view.

We then were scheduled for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory - Yummm!

Finally our day was done! It was a very long day, but all the kids still had enough energy to swim until the pool at the hotel closed. They did this almost every night. The chaperons had a routine of sitting at one of the poolside tables together while the kids swam....chaperons don't swim, I guess.

Day Two: This day was the day of their competition. I attempted to record their performances, so no pictures. Fail. They had three different entries. Show choir, Jazz Choir, and Concert Choir. Show choir received a silver, Jazz silver also, and Concert got the gold! After the competition we all went to a Mystery Dinner Theater. I had high hopes for this, that weren't quite matched. It was a lot of fun and all the kids had a blast but I just expected more.

My sister and I took a picture with the actress form the mystery dinner. You can see my name tag, everyone got a character name... I was "Nurse Ready" haha. There was also "Nurse Willing" and "Nurse Able" and a lot of other fun names. My favorite was a pregnant woman whose character name was "I.M. Hungry". Too funny. And then we went back to the hotel for more swimming...well, watching in my case.

Day 3: This was probably the worst day of the trip. We were planned to spend the whole day at Six Flags because the awards ceremony was there that night. No one was excited about Six Flags because it was something they all went to regularly back home and it was forecasted to rain ALL day. And it did. We ended up leaving the park early and skipping the award ceremony. There was lightning and thunder and sideways rain, followed by tornadoes. All of the kids were miserable. So we all came back to the hotel and the kids hoped in the pool and the chaperons watched. Crazy kids.Oh, and here is a picture with some of the kids, myself, and a fellow chaperon wearing capes.

Day 4: We had a fancy brunch at the top of the Millennium Tower. It SPINS! So we got a 360 view of the city, so pretty. And the food was delicious.

These were my girls for the trip. We called a group T-Rex (Team Rex-Their Choice). I really tried to keep it fun for them, but still make sure they knew I was an authority figure for the trip. After Brunch we went shopping! We first went to The Union Station Mall. There really wasn't much shopping, something everyone was looking forward to.

It was an interesting mall, but not what everyone wanted, so we went to a bigger more popular mall and everyone got some shopping done. We ended out trip with dinner at the Hard Rock cafe. And went back to the hotel.

Day 5: We left!

Overall, it was an interesting experience. If my sister wants me to, I will probably chaperon next year too.

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