Friday, May 14, 2010

Making Decisions.

So here's the deal...

As I mentioned in my last post I had big news to share today.

I am moving back to Wisconsin.

This has been in the works for a while but I obviously couldn't share with you until I had given my two weeks notice to my work place. And I did just that on Thursday.

I was SO nervous. I don't like letting people down, and since I was working for my uncle's company, I felt like I was letting him down, but I know I did the right thing.

I had been going back and forth with the idea. Should I stay? Should I go? Am I giving up? Will I be happier? I made the choice I knew was best for me. I am going back to live with my mom and sister and I have no job lined up. As bad as that sounds, it is better than staying here. I can honestly say I was lonely for the last year.I don't think I have ever been legitimately lonely ever in my life, until this year.

I can say that I have grown as a person. I have learned a lot about myself and have a new found independence, confidence, and all around peace of mind.

That is really all I have to say about the whole moving home thing for now. I will keep you updated on how the work place is. I haven't felt the repercussions yet, as no one but my boss knows. I have a feeling it will come up at our Monday morning meeting. We will see!


  1. Can't wait until you come back!!!! We'll have to have some photo shoots too! hahaha and the lovely thrifting :)

  2. Congratulations on making a decision. It sounds like exactly what you need right now!!!