Monday, May 3, 2010

Etsy Seller Feature: Ark's Endeavors

A friend of mine, who is still in school, asked me a couple questions about a mutual friend's Etsy shop for a project she is working on. The mutual friend happens to be my best friend of 23 years so of course I was willing and happy to answer a few questions! I think this could become a fun thing to do every once in a while for other Etsy sellers. So if you are interested, I will feature you on my blog (FREE ADVERTISING). Just email me, or leave a comment - and I will contact you about details :) Of course it will take time to smooth out the details, but think of it as an adventure!

Ark's Endeavors is run by Amanda, her shop is an Eco-Friendly shop that features indie fashion and vintage items. To quote her shop description: Welcome to Ark's Endeavors! I strive to make top quality items and keep them at an affordable price. I try to be as eco friendly as possible. Most of my clothing and accessories are made from reclaimed materials. Some are made from new materials bought from local small businesses. I try to incorporate recycling into my plugs and often use recycled materials while making them. I'm always exploring different arts and will have a large variety of items so be sure to stop by often. Any questions just ask!

How do you feel about her eco-friendly stance?

Being Eco- Friendly is a huge appeal to the Ark’s Endeavors products. It is a comfort as a customer to know that she isn’t producing more “stuff”, but is reinventing unwanted materials into highly desirable fashion! In addition, she tries to give you the biggest bang for your buck by making skirts and plugs reversible, two items in one and eco friendly. And let’s be honest, being green is the new black.

Also, from a business perspective and a fellow crafter being eco friendly and green is the smartest way to go. By buying recycled items, you are able to sell your items at a lower, more customer friendly cost.

Do you have anything of hers?

I actually have quite a few items from Ark’s Endeavors. I have two of her crocheted hats, a white jersey cowl, a high waist yellow plaid skirt, handmade soap, and her resin sprinkle stud earrings. I love all of them!

What do you think your favorite thing is or most innovative?

All of Ark’s Endeavors items are appropriate for so many different events; it is hard to pick a favorite. I love the resin stud earrings, because they are perfect for everyday wear. The cowls are fantastic because they can be worn all year round and can be worn so many different ways. But, her reversible skirts are by far the most innovative. Two skirts in one, dressed up or down, and made of recycled linens! Nothing gets better.

I am having formatting issues (blah) so I can't hyperlink the pictures,but the link to her shop still works, so go check out all of the featured items and more! Maybe next time around I could ask the seller a few questions - or just do my feed back. Whatever the seller wants! I hope I can do this again! So seriously, let me know! It's an offer you can't turn down :)

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