Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I want a maid, I need a working vacuum.

I find myself in this mindset of "wanting" lately. I need to remind myself that wanting doesn't get me anywhere, it is the act of working towards what I want that gets me where I need to be. It seems that words want and need cross paths quite a bit. During this transition in my life I have a hard time deciphering between the two. I am just going to lay out the definitions ...here...maybe I will be able to prioritize better ...

So... my problem is I want new clothes so I go out an buy them. I need food in my apartment but I wait as long as possible to go grocery shopping. My budget needs to figure out that I am an "adult" now I have have finical responsibilities. I am very lucky to have a supportive family who is helping with this transition, but they won't be able to help forever.

My gaol for this year is to save money. Simple as that. Narrowing the goal a bit, I am trying to save at least $200 a month, but more when applicable. That way I can start a savings to buy the things I want, earn the things I want. Things like a Mac Book. Something I have wanted for years and told myself would be the first big thing I would by myself when I got a "real" job. That idea got pushed further and further back with every trip to the Mall of America.

So, hopefully soon I will be able to get the things I want, like the Mac Book, or a new camera like the Nikon D40, or new couches, or a maid to clean up after me. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Then there are things I want that money can't buy, like peace of mind, success, and happiness.

But then I remember I have people like this in my life:
My ...bff... and her son are coming to visit me this weekend. I may have just been home less than 2 weeks ago but I miss my family and friends every day, and knowing they are coming 370 miles just to see me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It brings me some peace of mind.
Having people like them in my life is really all I need.


  1. I have a similar issue: I need to pay my student loan bill, but I really want new shoes. I cannot do both, sadly, until I get a better job that pays more.

    End result: I pay the stupid loan people and torture myself by wandering around the mall and window shopping because I am an idiot.

  2. I am trying to avoid the mall at all costs...but the internet is still here... I keep looking at etsy, and ikea, and craigslist. It is terrible! I will save money, I will. lol

  3. That's why thrift stores are my best friend :) I can go in with $10 and come out with a garbage bag (literally, you know you've seen it) of stuff! But I'm trying to stay away from them...for now :)
    Can't wait to see you!