Monday, January 18, 2010

You're gonna make it after all.

This is a picture of me standing with the bronze statue of Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis.

Let me start by saying that I didn't take a picture with her because I am an avid fan of her show. Honestly, I think I have only seen one full episode. I took a picture with her because of what she represents for me.

The show gained attention because she was the first woman portrayed on television as a never married, independent career woman, not looking for a man to support her. A woman who made her fresh start in Minneapolis.

Sounds familiar, eh? No? Well, that is the same situation I am in too. My family made this connection first. First by emailing me ...this... episode to watch. Then telling me to find the statue. After 7 months of living here I finally had the patience to find her while driving through the traffic and one way streets in the city traffic. Luckily my ...bff... spotted her and also assisted in the picture taking.

I look to this bronze statue for inspiration, a reminder that I can do this.

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