Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm a lucky gal...

To help this make sense I am going to explain that at my job I do a lot of things, therefor report to a lot of people and all of those people consider themselves my boss. With that said my favorite "boss" brought me gifts today! When she handed me the cutest polka dot bag I asked why and she said "just because". Her and I get a long very well and have very similar style choices. She also likes to consider me as her kid (as she has none of her own) and she is kind of like a Minnesota mom lol. Of course she is actually nothing like my mom but someone nice to talk to at work.

Back to the point (can I EVER stay on topic?? FOCUS!) I was so shocked with the gifts and I LOOOOVED all of them. So I am posting an appreciation blog, even though she doesn't see these. I am going to buy a vintage thank you card this weekend for her. She would appreciate vintage more than grocery store cards, another reason to like her!

I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I will elaborate on the second one. I put on every necklace she gave me (4 of them) the sparkle bow head band, and the fake coco earrings. It is so funny, the necklaces she gave me are EXACTLY what I have been looking for to complete my outfits. I will have to do a follow up post with them in use :)

The moo cow has an inside joke. We have to deal with some high demanding people so it is for me to let some frustration out. It actually moos. So I will make it moo when I feel like they are "milking me" for everything I got. See how that works?? I love all of it, and it was all so fitting for me and nothing I have ever had before.

So now that I have all of this new jewelry. I am currently working on a fashionable necklace organizer for my bathroom. Tutorial/pictures tomorrow, hopefully! :)

p.s. my first time using a mosaic...I will get the pictures centered better next time.

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