Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thrifting Awesomeness: 3.26.10

Some of these items are from a few weeks ago that I didn't get pictures of, but today was so nice I kept trying to find more things to take pictures of for the excuse to sit in the sun.

Read from left to right.
1. Yellow UV Sun Lamp - Neat!
2. Large Light Brown Drivers Gloves. ( I have been looking for these on Etsy and got lucky at my local thrift store!)
3. 8mm Reel Projector - WOW! Now searching for vintage home movie reels.
4. Red Eyeglass case.
5. Blue Leather Purse, over the body. As soon as I bought it I transferred purses.
6. Vintage video camera. I am hoping I can make this work, but it is unlikely.
7. Large Dark Brown Drivers gloves.
8. Some weird ceramic bird, I had a coupon, so it was one of the things I got for free. I like it.
9. Potted plant. An elderly volunteer at the thrift store brought a bunch in, I was the first buyer, I love the ceramic pot it is in. You can never have enough plants!

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