Thursday, March 25, 2010

DIY: Necklace Organizer

After I received jewelry as a gift from a co-worker I knew it was time to organize my necklaces, it was getting a little out of control! I spent more time trying to de-tangle them than actually wearing them! I decided to document the process of my craftiness. This idea I just kind of came across a few times, so no one to give credit to.

8 x 10 frame. ($3 from a thrift store)
Mod Podge - I had in my stash from a previous project (You can find it at Michael's)
Scrap Fabric
Paint -White for me (I bought it for 69 cents at a thrift store)
Paint Brushes
Cork Board - Left over from College
Not Pictured:
Roller Sponge to apply Mod Podge
Colorful tacks -Making another appearance - left over from college
1. Paint the frame.
2. Cut cork board to fit in frame
3. Mod Podge the fabric to your Cork board
4. Pull excess fabric tight to the other side and Mod Podge
5. Cut off excess
6. Not pictured: Put the fabric covered Cork board under a big stack of books. I used Harry Potter books. Haha Nice and heavy!
7. Wait what seemed like an eternity for it to dry - At least a full 24 hours.
8. Put it all together
9. Put colorful -perfectly matching in my case :) - tacks in a uniformed position. 4 in the top row and 3 in the bottom row...not directly below, or your necklaces will tangle.
10. Hang on wall. I used a small nail and my picture frame already had a spot on it to hang up.
11. Put necklaces on and enjoy!

I am really happy with it and it matches my bathroom really well. I am now brain storming ideas on how to organize my earrings. I think I have it figured out, I will post an update blog when it happens. Thanks for reading and if you have any extra ideas or a jewelry organization tutorial too, feel free to post links in the comments!

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  1. I did something similar, stretching a loose gauze fabric over a 3x5 picture frame and staple-gunning on the back side so I could poke my earrings through it.

    I'm going to give yours a shot, though, so I can finally get my necklaces untangled and hung up. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Great job. Check out my blog. I posted a similar project on my site in February. You might want to check it out. Or was it March?

  3. Very cute!! Looks like a fun way to organize everything! Thanks for linking up! Be sure to check out the post all day for lots more inspiration!