Sunday, March 14, 2010

DIY: Flower Pillow

I found a tutorial for Felt Flower Pillows over at Craftzine and I had to give it a try, I did not use felt though. After an awesome trip to the thrift store yesterday I came back with arms full of fabric so I figured I would just give it a try with my new finds.

Above are the before and after. The pillows came with my couches that I bought from a thrift store when I first moved, I hated them. So, I covered them with these flower covers. They look WAY better, even if they don't match anything haha. Also, I barely spent anything to make them - thrifted fabric ( $5 - and I still have some left), thrifted thread ($.69 for 5 spools), and I already had the pillow forms.

Oh! And because all of this fabric is taking up space I don't have-dang studio apartment-I am looking for new tutorials or ideas of stuff to sew. Any recommendations?

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  1. oh, pillows!I justdiscovered how fun they are to make! Sew mama sew did a handmade hoilidays tutorial post for the lastthree years- lots of good ideas. I dont have the links saved but i am sure you can search for it..

    those could give you some ideas! the long thread and one pretty thing always have great ideas for fun projects.