Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just like a produce market.

Being a "fresh" college graduate has left me confused and naive in the real world. To the point where I don't know if I am even considered a "fresh" grad anymore or not.

When does that end? When I am I no longer a new graduate? It has been 9 months, that's a full human gestation I no longer fresh? Or was I done being fresh when the new graduates came in December... or do I have at least a year until the new May graduates? Or will I be grouped into the category of fresh grads who are facing the worse economy ever until this "recession" ends?

Am I moldy and rotten now? Will I not be fresh until there a new hurdle to cross...? I would much rather be fresh instead moldy. Maybe I won't be "fresh" again until I am a newlywed or a new mom. Or something along those lines.

I feel a little lost.

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