Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making History.

I know this Health Care "stuff" is a touchy subject for some, as it seems next to impossible to know everything that was mentioned in the 2,000+ page bill, but I know for me that approving the bill was good.

My health insurance was done the second I crossed the stage at my college graduation. I was on my mom's insurance and their rules were that you could stay on your parents plan as long as you were in school and didn't go over a certain age (that I can't seem to remember right now).

So not only did I have to worry about moving to a new city and working at a new job but I wasn't sure what I was going to do to get some of my medications filled. Luckily, I planned for this moment and worked with my doctor and was able to get all appointments in before the big day and I was able to stock up on some prescriptions.

But those plans were made with the assumption I would get a job that offered benefits within three months. Yes I got a job, but they do not offer benefits (sigh). But now thanks to President Obama and our new Health Care plan I will be able to join my mothers insurance again until I am 26 or get a new job with benefits, and this part of the bill just happens to be effective immediately. I know there is a whole lot more to the bill, but this is the one I am most concerned about, for now.

I do understand some people do not agree with the decision to put this bill in place, and that is fine with me...everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am one of the "American people" and I am so glad we have government health care.

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