Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thrifting Finds ...from a while ago...

I found all of these great items a while ago but with the absence of my computer and then the mechanical issues (read: broken) camera, there has been some delay with the posting. But without further adieu...

I didn't find too much this week, but there were a few treasures!

1. 2 pairs of earrings. - Silver Hearts and Green Triangles.
2. Knitting needles because my dear bff taught me how to knit and I need to practice!
3. A postage scale from 1973, and it still weighs pretty accurately!
4. Vintage alphabet blocks, they were such a good deal, I bought of a bunch them - most going to the bff.
5. Plexi Plastic Coasters, a nice collage project.
6. City Skyline fabric.
7. Polka D0t Fabric.
8. Vinyl with Musicals for my sister.
9. LA and NY poster things, also for the sister.
10. And a vintage music sheet book from 1937. "No! No! A Thousand Times No!"
11. "Think" sign. The other side says "Learn".

Since this shopping trip I have bought more stuff but didn't photograph because of the lack of camera, I will see if I can track them down to get another thrifting post, there have been more great items!

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