Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a whole lotta awkward.

The movie Running with Scissors came in my mail yesterday, courtesy of Netflix, and I loved it - loved it the sense that it was totally awkward, and I love awkward.
There is a scene where Hope Finch (Gwyneth Paltrow) plays a "game" where you ask The Bible a question and open it and point to a section of the page and the word your finger lands on is the answer. Very "Magic 8-Ball" if you ask me, and who doesn't love those??

For example, in the movies they wanted to know if they should have fish sticks for dinner, I know - weird. The finger pointed to the word "awakening", therefore Hope translated it to an awakening of taste buds; so they should have fish sticks for dinner.

As weird and far out as that sounds I feel like I do similar "rituals" to get answers. For example, when ever I turn on my iPod I always go to "shuffle songs" because that shuffle will determine how my day is going to be, depending on what songs play. And of course I will pull a "Hope Finch" and twist the translation so it means what I want it to mean - which really defeats the purpose.

Anyway, just one of my weird quirks. Are there any weird tendencies of your own you feel like sharing? Or, any good movies, while we are on the topic?

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